Healing Stone Fish Sculptures
for Mindful Living

So what's with the fish?

Somthing From Nothin started literally from nothing.

I see the beauty in everyday objects that have been passed
over or thrown out by others, and breathe new life into them.

In doing so, I felt a renewed sense of purpose, of usefulness
and a lifting of my spirit.

I feel compelled to share my thoughts and items with others and hopefully pass on a new sense of hope and promise, as so many people today feel the same way I did.

There is hope and new life which is reflected in everything I make.

Ordinary unpolished rocks were created into a thing of beauty, a bead from a broken necklace given new life as a sun catcher, discarded objects truly can became useful items again, and so can you.


The Mindful Fish

About mindfulness and how it works

Mindfulness is a practice of quieting the mind.

Using an object can provide an avenue or connection for a better mindful practice with less training or experience in mindfulness or meditation, and suits ages 3 and above.

Getting the best results from your Mindful Fish

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