How to choose your Mindful Fish

Choosing a Crystal/Spiritual Rock is a very personal journey.

Yes, you can choose a stone based purely on it’s aesthetic properties.

The knowing amongst crystal healers is that you don’t actually choose a stone, it chooses you. So if you’re drawn to a crystal because it ‘looks good’ to you, I guess it’s the same thing.

Alternatively, you’re choosing a Crystal or Stone for its healing powers and for a specific purpose. Therefore you’ll need to read the descriptions and properties of the Crystal/Stone and match its inherent function to your desires. 

How to use your Mindful Fish

  1. Hold your Stone Fish.

  2. Start feeling the surface with your hands noticing the energy, feeling the texture (is it smooth or rough), are the edges sharp or smooth, notice the feelings that come to mind.
    Just observe your thoughts about the stone itself, how old is it, can you absorb the colour. What journey has it been on to now be comfortably resting in your hand. What else comes to mind about the item you’re holding?

  3. Now notice of your breathing, is it fast or slow,  or for you normal?
    Take 3 deep breaths counting to 10.
    Breathing in pause, then as you breathe out notice the feeling of your breath on your lips, the movement as the air passes them on the way out.
    Feel yourself relaxing with each breath, then in your own time try to get into a normal steady rhythm of breathing.

  4. Notice your thoughts and how they make you feel.
    Choose the loudest or more concerning thought as they swirl around in your mind.
    Pass that negativity to the fish, feel the release as the fish absorbs that angst or worry, let it seep in through the surface of the stone.
    Be aware of the Mindful Fish taking that burden from you, picture it flowing in through the pores in the stone, imagine it seeping in through every tiny crack or chip in the surface.
    Allow the Mindful Fish to release that burden, notice as it’s replaced with a sense of lightness.

  5. Move back to feeling or seeing the fish in your hands if it helps to maintaining your breathing.
    Observe the processes of letting go.

  6. Continue to give the fish any negative or heavy thoughts, those feelings that are holding you down,
    replacing them with a sense of calm.
    Notice how your mind has slowed to a point where you are only thinking of the Mindful Fish and observing all that it is.

When you’re ready return focus on your breath, once again notice the feeling of it on your lips, the movement as the air passes them on the way out.

Start to notice beyond the fish, become more aware of your surroundings.

Move your body as you bring it back into focus.

Take a few moments to ground yourself in the now, notice a feeling of release and renewal.

Spend a few moments just sitting and being. Embrace your life, revel in the knowing that the Mindful Fish can take what no longer serves you.

When you’ve finished, stand the fish nearby where you can see it. Appreciate it’s beauty and the sense of peace it gives you.

This practice can be adapted to suit what works best for you, and what you’d like to receive from working with the fish. 

As I make each mindful fish I use my own mindfulness practice in a creative way  to be just with the stone and its vibrations and when grinding the stone the parts shed in the water over my hands felt cleansing peaceful in my mind there is only me and the stone forming into a mindful FISH. Enjoy!

 For more information on the exact stones healing and spiritual meanings google it.  


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